Welcome to the ECA Annual Fund LIVE!annual fund drive 2016

For the convenience of our family and friends, it is now possible to contribute to the Annual Fund online using your credit or debit card by clicking the secure DONATE button at the bottom of this page.

This is your chance to be a part of the continued miracle that is Edgarton Christian Academy!
Edgarton Christian Academy firmly believes that the hallmark of an outstanding community is how it educates and cares for its children. With this belief as our motivation, we have worked extremely hard to provide our students with the most excellent education possible. However, excellence comes at a price. Tuition only covers 85% of our annual budget. We need the support of our many friends and families to assist with maintaining our wonderful academic programs.

Your generosity will help us move forward as we build a bright future for our children.  All donations, regardless of size, make a difference and are most welcomed and deeply appreciated. Your generosity today will help us to perpetuate a legacy of charity and personal growth for our children tomorrow.

How will the money be used?
Technology: ECA has invested in state-of-the-art technology to ensure our children’s safety and security and enhance learning. Cameras have been placed throughout the school and grounds. SMART Boards have been installed in grades PK4 through 8th. Laptops and Chromebooks have been purchased for the staff and students. With the addition of educational software and professional development for the staff we are well on our way to ensuring a top-notch technology program. Your gift will ensure that we can continue to provide our students with a safe learning environment and the technological materials needed to give them the academic edge that will ensure their success well into the 21st Century.

Staff: In order for our children to be the best, our staff has to be the best. Your donation will ensure that we are able to purchase the tools that the teachers need to keep their skills finely honed. Your support will allow for Professional Development opportunities where the staff can learn new techniques and sharpen their instructional skills.

General Purposes: ECA currently has several specific areas of need including equipment for our Arts & Music and Athletic Programs and ADA approved playground equipment for both of our playgrounds. Your donation will allow unexpected classroom or instructional needs to be met through out the year. These funds can also ensure that scholarships are awarded to those in need. In addition, this money will be used to initiate special programs to further enhance the experience of the students.

Every penny of donated money is used to better the education program or the facilities for our children!
Please consider making a donation today that will ensure our legacy tomorrow!
Make your 100% tax deductible donation by clicking the secure Paypal button below!



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