About Us

Our Mission

Edgarton Christian Academy, a PK through 8th grade elementary school, is committed to working in partnership with our families to ensure that our children are educated in a safe environment where they can explore learning, grow in their faith, and develop strength of character. Through the promotion of a rigorous and relevant curriculum, the modeling of Christian living and our commitment to service, our graduates are imbued with the skills and values needed to assure lifelong academic and personal success.


We believe that the school needs to be ready to meet the needs of the child; the child does not have to be ready to fit into the school. Towards that end, we know that all children learn best in a safe environment where their differences are valued and where they do not have to fear criticism or castigation from peers or staff.  We know that when children feel safe, they are willing to take learning risks, explore ideas, and pursue inquiry. When children feel safe, they are able to develop a personal sense of confidence, pride, and self-awareness that is expressed through academic success, positive social interaction, and spiritual maturity. This high level of performance is only achieved when there is a dynamic partnership among parents, teachers, and administrators demonstrating a sustained commitment and energetic involvement with both the school community and its children. This is what a school should do for its children.  And these are the qualities upon which its children establish a foundation enabling them to successfully pursue future learning experiences while becoming productive members of their communities.