Our History

Edgarton Christian Academy (ECA) was founded and created in 2012 as an elementary school housing students in grades PK2 through 8th grade. The story of Edgarton Christian Academy is one filled with miracles and grace. A group of local parents, knowing that their children’s school would be closing at the end of that school year, would not accept that their children would have to choose another school for the coming school year. They gathered their troops and resources to begin a mission to find a home and create a school whose culture would be similar to the one they were leaving. With the help of the Newfield Board of Education and the Newfield Town Council, Edgarton Christian Academy was founded.

The parents became aware that Edgarton Memorial School would be empty in September 2012 because Newfield students would be attending schools in the Township of Franklin School District. They contacted the leaders of Newfield seeking permission to use their building for the establishment of the new school. The Newfield Board of Education was very eager to work with these parents and did everything they could to ensure that ECA could afford to rent the building and to ensure that the new tenants would be comfortable there.

As soon as we were sure that we had a facility the new Edgarton Christian Academy Board members and Trustees met regularly and with great diligence to ensure that administrative infrastructures (such as budget, curriculum, common tenets of faith, tuition rates, uniforms, registry with the State of New Jersey, etc.) were in place as they planned to make Edgarton the new school for their children. On Monday, June 4, 2012 the ECA Trustees and the Newfield Board of Education signed the lease to rent the school.

We took occupation of the school on July 5th and with a tremendous amount of work, a miraculous number of blessings, and the unwavering faith and support of families, friends, and the community of Newfield, Edgarton Christian Academy opened on September 4, 2012 with 262 students. This success continues today well into its eleventh year of operation. The school is thriving with an enrollment of 374 students spanning grades PK2 through 8th grade.